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How It Works

With the help of our large network of dealer partnerships across Canada, we make sure that you get the vehicle financing that fits your financial situation no matter your credit score. Get ready to find the best available auto loan solution.

Step 1
Pick a vehicle

In the first step, you select the type of vehicle you want to finance, and we will locate the dealers in your area offering this particular vehicle. Remember, when you select a type of vehicle at this stage, you are not obligated to purchase the same model. This step helps us understand your vehicle financing needs and preferences.

We also offer a simple car loan calculator so that you can understand how much you can afford to pay every month.


Step 2
Fill out the application

In the second step, you will be filling out a simple application form to provide your basic information: Your name, address, employment and contact details. This will help us identify the ideal vehicle for your budget. We might need some additional information in order to proceed with your application.

Step 3
Get connected with a dealer

Based on the information you provide in your application, we refer your application to one of our dealer partners who will find you the best vehicle options based on your credit and financing requirements. Once your application is referred to one of our dealer partners, you can expect to be contacted within 24 to 48 hours.

We always work towards finding the best possible solutions for you irrespective of your credit score. Find My Auto is determined to simplify and streamline the process of purchasing your next vehicle.


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